The oven is heated with the PETRELLI patented Infrared System and it is complete with of a PLC-PC to control the programming of cleaning process.

The oven has the following features:

  • Built and installed on a compact steel structure
  • External dimensions – H2090 X W1740 X L 2110mm
  • ge capacity dimensions of the furnace – D600 X H600mm
  • Weight – 1400Kg
  • d Power 8 kW


The PETRELLI CONTROLLED ATMOSPHERE CLEANING OVENS are used to clear all the elements that contain polymers vestiges, such as extrusion dies, injection nozzles, die plates, filter elements, “bypass” valves, etc… of an effective, safe and fast system.

The system involves the complete melting and degrading of the polymers under an inert atmosphere “without oxygen”, and there is no risk of combustion, which makes the oven absolutely safe.
The PETRELLI patented infrared technology insures an immediate heating process (very short pre-heating time), which is highly efficient and very economical (approx. 8kW per cycle).

Thanks to the PLC system, who controls the cleaning process, degradation and damaging of the parts is avoided during the process, due to the elevated temperature (deformation, cracking and charring of the surfaces).

The maximum temperature is limited to 450ºC. This temperature limitation can be unlocked with a password.

After the parts are placed into the oven, the door locks in order to prevent the operator to open it during the whole, until the oven cools down, to guarantee a correct cleaning process.

To start, the operator selects on the PLC-PC the required cleaning process (controlled by a password).

The cleaning process is fully automatic and therefore saves time and allows flexibility.

Once the cleaning process is complete, the door unlocks, the operator retrieves the pieces and the machine is ready for a new work cycle.

After the process, the remaining dust can be easily removed with a pan or a brush.

Cleaning cycles can be programmed according to the customer’s needs. The cycles can be stored and therefore used whenever needed.

Another huge advantage is that the oven can be installed anywhere there is a power supply and 6 bar compressed air connection only.

No exhaust system is required, because the furnace works with a catalytic system, which does not allow the release of harmful particles or gases in the air.

The oven is an innovative, highly technological and unique equipment.